A novel technology for securing
IoT Payments,  Critical Infrastructures  and  Smart Cities
from cyber-attacks through IoT devices


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IXDen providing unique software technology for securing IoT devices

IXDen brings equivalent of Human Identity into Machine-to-Machine communication

Establishing  dynamic device Identity and performing multi-factor Authentication using  proprietary mathematical algorithms

IXDen technology converts IoT device weaknesses into strengths

Mitigating security weaknesses of IoT devices.

Utilizing  “multi-sensor-ness” of every IoT device to create its unique Identity and Authenticating the device by its unique behavior

IXDen solution compatible with

Any IoT device

Any Network

Any Software and Hardware


Allowing automatic roll-out on existing infrastructure

How it works

iXDen invented “biometric-like” identity for any IoT Device
Introducing  “what I have”    “what I know”    “what I am”
multi-factor authentication approach to the world of IoT


Dynamic “Biometric-like” Identity for any IoT Device

Comprised from hundreds of changing and static parameters collected by the device

Not stored on the device itself, but re-generated per transaction


Multi-factor Authentication for any IoT Device from simplest to most complicated

Based on proprietary topological algorithms, statistical analysis, behavioral analysis and prediction, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

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The company offers cross-industry solutions including

Financial Industry

Critical Infrastructure

Smart Cities

We are planning to expand to additional industries in the future


IXDen software technology secures financial institutions from real-time identity theft and fraud caused by IoT payments. The solution addresses increasing security concerns of IoT device payments adoption, including paying home appliances, connected cars and contactless payments by wearable devices. IXDen technology effectively reducing Card-Not-Present payment risk to Card-Present level, by performing multi-factor authentication of any paying IoT device


IXDen software technology secures Critical Infrastructures and industrial systems from attacks through network connected IoT devices.
Critical Infrastructure IoT device networks can be attacked by penetrating the organization network through its weakest edge element, the IoT. The attack can be performed by physical or software altering its sensors, replacing by fake devices, hijacking network requests etc. These attacks can impact significant command and control system decisions, relying on the information provided by IoT devices.

IXDen solution addresses these security concerns by providing strong authentication of connected IoT device.


Cities are improving their standards of urban services including smart traffic lights, electricity networks, water supply pipes, public transportation services, parking, trash disposal and other civil utilities.
IXDen technology will enable cities expanding their digital services in the coming years by using a state of the art IoT Device security platform across all service, assuring data flow, maximum smooth services to residents and safe business transactions.


To secure every significant business transaction

based on information provided by IoT device