Although the current generation of IoT devices is being used to regulate water and electricity obtained from critical infrastructures, such as the smart-grid and urban water services, they contain serious security vulnerabilities and will soon become primary targets for attackers.

Ben Nassi, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) Cyber Security

The Water Sector is highly reliant on industrial sensors, IoT devices, and HMI and SCADA systems. Water flow rate, on/off sensors, sensors for diagnostics, levels, quality and so on are relied upon 24/7.


This reliance stretches across the industry: from Utilities, including metering, treatment and transmission, to Uncoventional (shales) including produced water and frac water.


Attackers gaining access to such systems, even at the level of a sensor monitoring water temperature at an industrial plant, could cause a national catastrophe or international incident.


All that’s required is for such an attack is for malicious actors to gain control of sensors and IoT devices that are generally ill-equipped to deal with such attacks.


IXDen secures industrial sensors and IoT devices in the Water sector to protect such devices against attack, and ensure the integrity of data at its source.