IXDen Is The World Leader In Biometric-like Multi-Factor

Authentication For Any IoT Device

The IXDen solution relies on proprietary topological algorithms, statistical analysis, behavioral analysis and prediction, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence

The technology is based on assignment of unique, dynamic “biometric” identity to each device comprising hundreds of changing and static parameters.


The patented dynamic challenge/response authentication process presents multiple security questions in each Authentication transaction. The process ensures Multi-Factor Authentication for any IoT device from the simplest to the most complex.


IXDen technology is used by industry leaders to secure and verify their data at its source.


IXDen protectsLevel 1 devices (sensors and actuators) by sitting on the edge of Level 2 (PLCs, controllers and gateways). It works with a broad range of transports (serial, analog, wireless) and protocols (4-20MA, MODBUS, Fieldbus, HART) using existing infrastructure.


IXDen guards against threats such as sensor data manipulation, data injection, sensor software tampering, sensor hardware tampering, and sensor replacement.