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While the Oil & Gas Industry has escaped a major operational catastrophe thus far, this good fortune may not last unless companies expand their cyber security programs.



The increasing dependence of pipeline infrastructure on digital systems makes them a particularly ripe target. Control valves, pressure monitors and other equipment connected to wireless networks are vital to daily functions of everything from refineries to oil wells.

New York Times


57% of respondents in the oil and gas industry have had a recent significant cybersecurity incident.


Whether upstream, midstream or downstream, IXDen is used to secure the information coming from critical sensors and other IoT hardware solutions.


In Deloitte’s “Protecting the connected barrels”, the cyber threat posed to databased links highlights some of the challenges facing the industry, particularly in the IoT environment.


Whether it’s upstream drilling sensors, midstream transportation systems or downstream refining and distribution sensors, O&G IoT systems are increasingly in the spotlight for being vulnerable to cyber attack.


Attacks are growing in sophistication, frequency and impact – and smart O&G companies are securing data at its source, at the sensor and IoT level.


Sensors and programmable logic controllers often need to perform their tasks with 24/7 availability as one of their primary attributes, followed by integrity and confidentiality. The most effective way to secure these time-critical systems, impacting decision making and operational responses across the organization, is with a solution that secures them at their source.

Other challenges include:

  • Complex ecosystem: joint operations, multiple regions and vendors
  • Latency concerns: firewalls can introduce unacceptable latency into timecritical systems
  • Legacy concerns: compounded by IoT devices that are generally unable to be secured using on-device solutions and a plethora of different types of hardware and software solutions

Given these challenges, a solution is required that ensures the integrity of data-at-source, without compromising performance.


IXDen is used within the G&O industry to secure sensors and other IoT devices, and ensure data integrity without compromising performance.


IXDen software is device- and network-agnostic. It works with any IoT device, any network, and any hardware.