ICS/DCS Manufacturers

Cyber security threats are creating increasing demands for trusted, security capability from ICS/SCADA vendors. We are all facing both an opportunity and risk that must be addressed.

George Wrenn, Paul Forney, for Schneider Electric


According to the Center for Study of the Presidency and Congress there is an opportunity to build security into software and hardware systems currently under development. The next generation of ICSs and electronics that will control the Smart Grid are still being designed and deployed, allowing for implementation of modifications to correct known deficiencies.

David Vazquez Cheatham

ICS, including supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, distributed control systems (DCS), and other control system configurations such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), are the cornerstone of modern industry and are a critical part of the infrastructure that affects billions of lives every day.


In the past, ICS components not connected to IT networks or systems, and certainly not the public internet. This has changed and today, connected devices (IoT, industrial sensors) are an integral part of most industrial processes.


What’s more, actual devices have become relatively standardized – in the sense that they have replaced many proprietary solutions- widely available, and relatively low-cost. While this has many advantages, it also increases the risk of cyber attack.


Threats to control systems can come from many different sources, ranging from hostile governments and terrorist groups, to malicious intruders, disgruntled employees, accidents, other complexities, and natural disasters.


ICS manufacturers are able to provide incredible value for their clients:

  • Reducing risk
  • Increasing profitability, efficiency, reliability, safety and productivity


Perhaps most importantly, these providers have to ensure the integrity of the data that their systems are providing.


This is where IXDen and ICS manufacturers come together to provide the latest in ICS hardware coupled with the security provided by IXDen software.


IXDen partners with ICS/DCS/IoT manufacturers, System Integrators and Chip Manufacturers to provide solutions for industries ranging from Power, Water, Oil & Gas to Smart Cities and Building Management Systems.


IXDen protects Level 1 devices (sensors and actuators) by sitting on the edge of Level 2 (PLCs, controllers and gateways) and works with a broad range of transports (serial, analog, wireless) and a wide range of protocols (4-20MA, MODBUS, Fieldbus, HART) using existing infrastructure.


IXDen guards against threats such as sensor data manipulation, data injection, sensor software tampering, sensor hardware tampering, and sensor replacement, to ensure that ICS companies can provide the maximum benefit to their clients while ensuring the integrity of the data they are providing.