Building Management Systems (BMS)

Intelligent building management systems have the potential to transform the way a business operates…Yet this very technology, designed to enhance our working lives, can also create serious security threats to our businesses.

James Hill


There was a lack of awareness on what you can do with buildings and how easy and exposed they are.

Elisa Costante

Building management systems integrate data from thousands of industrial sensors and IoT devices.


Mechanical and electrical equipment such as ventilation, lighting, power systems, fire systems, and security systems all rely on real-time data from these sensors. Were one of these devices to be hacked or otherwise compromised, nothing short of lives would be at stake, not to mention concerns around surveillance, safety and costs.


Already, attacks against smart building have been used in ransomware or “siegeware” attacks on hotels, and testing has shown just how vulnerable these systems are.


It’s these sensors and IoT devices that provide the easiest access for hackers. By taking over or disrupting their operation, malicious actors can wreak havoc.


Understanding this, IXDen created its leading biometric multi-factor authentication solution to secure data at its source. It ensures the integrity of data coming from sensors and IoT devices, and ensures that the foundation of intelligent Building Management Systems is kept protected thus – ensuring the safety of the entire system.