Homeland Security

The growth of network-connected devices, systems and services comprising the Internet of Things (IoT) provides efficiencies and personalization of experience that is attractive to both manufacturers and consumers. Network connected devices, systems, and services are also increasingly integrated with and relied upon by our Nation’s critical infrastructure, leading to a national dependency.


The characteristics of the IoT ecosystem also result in multiple opportunities for malicious actors to manipulate the flow of information to and from network connected devices. Important processes that once were performed manually, and therefore enjoyed a measure of immunity against malicious cyber activity, are growing more vulnerable. Recent large scale distributed denial of service attacks foreshadow increasing in the US and elsewhere.


U.S. Department of Homeland Security Official Website

Connected devices have become the critical core of Homeland Security, being used in everything from police, fire, ambulance, and emergency management to biometrics, gunshot detection, border control and even how much oxygen is left in a firefighter’s tank.


Were this data to be interfered with, the consequences would be extreme. Billions of people rely on the security of this data every day of their lives, not knowing it until something goes wrong.


Unfortunately, homeland security is one of the areas most threatened by cyber attack and to compound things, IoT devices are most vulnerable to malicious cyber attack due to their design being prioritized around effective functioning and less around security.


If malicious actors such as terrorists or foreign governments hacked city sensors in place to detect fires for example, they could literally shut down entire cities.


IXDen is used by the Homeland Security Industry to protect the most important layer – the data itself, at its source.


IXDen ensures the integrity of the data coming from the IoT devices and industrial sensors, ensuring that the entire system functions effectively, and that the threat of cyber attack is prevented.