patent pending software technology for securing IoT devices

A game changing solution that secures any IoT device

by using dynamic ‘biometric-like’ Identity and multi-factor Authentication

“Biometric-like” Identity

Constantly changing unique Identity for each IoT device

Recognizable as a human face in every mood

Comprised from hundreds of dynamic  and static parameters collected by the device

Never stored on the device itself, but re-generated per transaction

Multi-Factor Authentication

Dynamic challenge/response authentication process

Multiple different “security questions” in each Authentication

Multi-factor Authentication for any IoT device from simplest to the most complicated

Based on proprietary topological algorithms, statistical and behavioral analysis, predictions, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence


Converting IoT device
weaknesses to strengths

Software only

Fits any device, any network,
any hardware

Securing operations from the first
transaction, no learning curve

Automatic enrollment process
on existing infrastructure

Reduced false positives and negatives via
comprehensive  cross-parameter analysis

Extensive protection from physical
sensor altering and sensor data

Detecting the device
hardware and software tampering

Protecting even analog sensors
connected to IoT hubs